What is  Drama School Hong Kong?

Drama School Hong Kong is Hong Kong Theatre Company’s creative theatre training experience, designed to equip people with the technical skills needed to take their passion for theatre and performance to a new level. Whether a teenager or adult, amateur or professional, DSHK provides an exciting learning experience. We do this through expert instruction and a multi-disciplinary approach.

Who are the instructors?

Our Drama School Hong Kong instructors are industry professionals from the world of theatre, film and education. DSHK members will benefit from instruction in the core disciplines of acting, singing and dance, looking at different approaches and techniques within these areas, in order to build strong technical foundations in each.

Is there a performance?

With regular opportunities for sharing work and public production and performances in professional theatres, there are many platforms for each individual to demonstrate the skills that they have acquired at DSHK.

Why is DSHK so different?

At Hong Kong Theatre Company we are not just interested in training the performer but encouraging the art of theatre making. In addition to the staple performance skills DSHK members will be able to take advantage of technical and design tuition with visiting specialists delivering workshops throughout the year.

Building a healthy artistic environment

Experiencing the wider theatrical and artistic environment outside the studio classes is essential. Throughout the year some sessions will take the form of field trips to performances, exhibitions, theatre tours and film showings. In addition, at DSHK there will be opportunities for both members and their friends and family to come together on social and performance events; really building a sense of community within the programmes.

Why should I join Drama School Hong Kong?

The mission of Hong Kong Theatre Company is ‘To create, produce and inspire imaginative and exciting theatre’. Our DSHK programmes are a core part of us achieving that aim. If you have a voice and ideas that you want to share with others and you want to meet people who feel the same, then DSHK is the place for you. Are you searching for a fun and exciting place to improve your performance skills? Or maybe you have always wanted to try something new, then DSHK is for you. If perhaps you have already decided on a career in theatre and are preparing to go to train at one of the major international training schools in the UK or USA, then DSHK is for you. Whatever your goal DSHK will help you to achieve it.

“We truly believe in the power of creativity, hard work, dedication, and self-discipline.”


experience and passion are everything

Vincent Warren

Vincent is Artistic Director of Hong Kong Theatre Company and the creator of Drama School Hong Kong. He has over 30 years of industry experience as an actor, director and theatre educator. Vincent trained at Guildford school of Acting and has a b.a. hons in theatre and M.a. in shakespeare studies from king's college london and shakespeare's globe. he is also a drama examiner for trinity college london.

Wendy Warren

Wendy is a professional actress, professional voice and development coach and recognised yoga instructor. Wendy trained at birmingham school of speech and drama and has a b.a. hons in Theatre. She is also the LAMDA examinations expert for HKTC. With over 3 decades of experience in the field, Wendy's experience makes her a specialist in her field and one of the reasons why the DSHK training programmes are so unique.

Claire Johnson

Claire has over 10 years of industry experience in dance, choreography and vocational teaching, specialising in Musical Theatre choreography and technique-based teaching methods. Claire enjoys working with performers from all levels of dance ability and is looking forward to creating some exciting original works with the talented performers at Drama School Hong Kong.

Timothy Speyer

visiting professional artist Tim's acting career spans three decades and he is a familiar face on the British professional theatre scene. A brilliant character actor with a wealth of industry experience, we are delighted to have him onboard as a consultant and one of our visiting international specialist instructors for Drama School Hong Kong

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